Why picking up dog excrement is a good idea and you absolutely should do it

Then this article is for you, because besides the obvious there are many other good reasons why it is a good idea to pick up your dog’s excrement.

Nobody sloshes in
Probably the most obvious reason.

I’m annoyed myself as a dog owner when I walk into a dog pile.

Of course I am aware from the beginning that there are about 20 piles on every square meter.

But you don’t always pay attention.

If you are thinking about going to work on the last few meters, then you miss a fresh pile of dogs that a keeper left in the middle of the sidewalk.

Congratulations, the morning is over.

Just out of respect for the fact that the paths don’t belong to you and your dog alone, you should pick up your dog’s leftovers.

But consideration is for many unfortunately a foreign word.

You prevent the spread of diseases
Dogs get sick sometimes.

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