Why picking up dog excrement is a good idea and you absolutely should do it

For many dog owners it simply belongs to it.

But for many it is not.

The talk is about picking up the dog excrement.

There are even people who try to find out on the legal way whether it is reasonable to remove the legacy of his dog.

In any case, it is a topic that always leads to disputes between dog owners and non-dog owners.

By the way, dog owners also argue with each other about this question.

I myself live in a city.

There are many dogs here.

And I find it to say the least under all sows, when I see a dog pile lying on the sidewalk in front of my front door.

On woods and country lanes I am also not so critical but in the city and in urban parks where many dogs and people meet it simply belongs to it.

If you say to yourself now: No, for me it does not belong to it.

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