Why is there a cat in the sink?

You wonder why there’s a cat in the sink or the bathtub? As so often one searches in vain for it. Be it behind or under the couch, on the closet or the windowsill. If you can’t find your velvet paw in the house, just check the bathroom. Cats like to lie down in the sink. But why actually? We will answer this question here.

Why do cats lie down in the sink?

Especially in summer a washbasin is a quiet and cool place for a cat to cool down a bit at high temperatures.

Usually a sink is made of ceramic and offers the cat a pleasant and cooling surface. But also the shape of a washbasin is made for the body shape of a cat.

A comfortable place where she can cool down. In addition a wash basin is a raised berth, which cats generally prefer.
Of course, your cat will also notice that you spend a lot of time in the bathroom and always want to be there.

And so the sink is an ideal observation post while you spend your time in the bathroom.
So cat owners often have to find another place to wash their hands.

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