What dogs don’t like? You should know these 14 things

2. the nutrition of your nose must be animal-friendly

Many an animal owner thinks: what is well tolerated by humans also pleases the digestive system of Struppi and Co.

What dogs do not like at all, or better said, do not tolerate at all, are strongly spiced foods, alcoholic beverages, sweets and of course spoiled food.

Please always remember that the food of your sniffer nose also depends on the age of the animal. Young animals are fed a different diet than adult animals or seniors.

In well-stocked pet shops you will find the right food for almost every dog taste and every age group. There is also food for dogs with high allergies or other illnesses. Here the ingredients are exactly tailored to the animal’s state of health.

If you are unsure what your dog breed can handle, just ask your pet shop or vet – because if you love your pet, you’ll feed it right! By the way, you can read more about poisonous food for dogs here.

3. boredom on walks? No way!

You probably know the feeling of boundless boredom. Now imagine that you have the same program every single day of your life. You could never do anything other than getting up, work or school, eating and going to bed.

After a while you would most likely go up the walls and chew your fingernails off in desperation. The same or similar thing happens to your four-legged friend if you walk the same distance with him every day.

Also a pet, and here particularly the dog, needs alternation. If it doesn’t get them or only rarely, it ekes out a sad existence, and this in turn affects the mind of the otherwise so cheerful dog.

To put it clearly in a nutshell: Dogs don’t like boring walks! Always give your nose something new to sniff and discover. Take toys (ball or stick) with you on your trip and let it hunt afterwards.

Even treats should not be missing on a long march. Fiffi loves to be spoiled by you in between. Take a different route every day and add little surprises.

You will see, your dog will adore you for it and a long dog life reaches your pet on this way most of all – because luck and health lie with the animal, as by the way also with humans, very close together.

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