What dogs don’t like? You should know these 14 things

Have you ever wondered what dogs don’t like? They are considered friendly family animals. In addition, older people in particular appreciate the company of the extremely adaptable sniffer nose.

Sometimes dog and person merge so much that the pet owner begins to resemble his puppy. Nevertheless, in spite of all the dog’s love for dogs and all the dog’s joy in adapting, there are still behaviours and things that the dog’s nose may not suffer at all from its owner. What dogs don’t like, even reject and react accordingly, you can learn here.

1 . A dog can hardly be re-educated to be a human being

What dogs don’t like is a humanization. Some good mothers think that their cuddly dog child should get a chic hairstyle. But that’s not all: Such a necklace or a pink strand also do a lot.

There is little to laugh about, especially not if the somewhat selfish or egocentric animal owner packs the dear little dog into the doll’s carriage and goes for a walk with it.

Some experts scratch their heads and wonder whether this behaviour can still be healthy.

For the pet, it is pure poison, because the sensitive skin of the dog takes such coloring or perfume-actions quite badly. Heavy allergies can be the result.

And the snoopy nose suffers from body and soul. If the puppy suddenly growls at his mistress or does his business in the middle of the well-kept carpet, the dog owner hopefully knows where she is and stops with these silly and harmful games!

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