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Traveling with your dog: by car or plane?

Many dog owners like to take their four-legged friends with them wherever they go. When it comes to outings in the city or in the vicinity, there is nothing more normal that their hairball accompanies them. But what about when it comes to traveling with your dog? What are the possibilities for teachers when a long-distance move is planned? Is it possible to go on vacation with his dog on a plane? Or should teachers prefer to travel long distances with their dog by car? Here are the tips of quizfunn Magazine for traveling with your dog

Traveling with your dog: the legal aspect

To travel with your dog, it is strongly advised to learn about the legislation. Going on vacation with your dog on a plane is not as easy as traveling with your dog by car. An airplane flight with your dog must above all be well prepared in advance. The legal requirements depend on the airline you have chosen and your destination, if it is a foreign country. In general, you must indicate the presence of your pet when booking your flight. In some cases, an additional fee will be charged. Some airlines prohibit the presence of animals in the cabin, others accept them on board, but in the hold, from a certain weight. For dog breeds with impressive morphology, the journey in the hold will not be the most comfortable option … nor the most reassuring.

In this case, traveling by car is much less complicated. Even if: if you go abroad, make sure you have read the conditions of entry into the country. You find this information on the website of the embassy of the country in question.

Depending on these conditions of entry into the country, your dog will need a health certificate or certain specific vaccinations. Attention, the European passport is obligatory. Please remember to pack all the necessary documents for your trip and keep them on hand for the duration of your trip!

Going on vacation with your dog: security

The plane is considered to be the safest means of transport. But whoever decides to travel with his dog on a plane will not necessarily have it in front of him every moment. It becomes more difficult to identify possible health problems in your dog and act in time. This inconvenience makes traveling by plane with your dog a little less safe!

In addition, it is not recommended to give your pet drugs or painkillers during a flight. Many airlines prohibit them systematically and refuse access on board animals under treatment, in the cabin as in the cargo hold.

Whoever wants to travel with his dog by car will always have his companion nearby and will be able to watch over him. It is therefore much easier to react immediately in case of a panic attack or nausea, and your reassuring presence will soothe your pet. The simple touch of his master allows many animals to be more serene during travels. In these conditions, traveling with your dog by car is a much safer alternative!

Also look into the issue of the equipment of your car: protective grid, dog seat belt, carrying bag … the possibilities are many. Quality transport accessories make traveling by car more enjoyable for your dog and can save his life in case of an accident!

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