The 7 Greatest Dog Myths

Why do dogs eat grass now? Probably because they just like it. To this day, there are still no studies or findings that scientifically prove why so many four-legged friends like to eat grass.
Regardless of the reason, grass is relatively harmless as long as it has not been chemically treated.

However, if it leads to chronic vomiting in your dog, you should keep him away from the grass as far as possible and talk to your vet about it.

2. a warm or dry dog nose means that the dog is sick.

This is probably the biggest myth of all myths about dogs. At some point people must have come to the conclusion that a cold and wet dog nose signals that the dog is healthy.

And a warm or dry nose means that the four-legged friend has a fever or it is a sign of a disease. The origins are not known, but it probably had something to do with health before.

Distemper in dogs was and still is a dreaded infectious disease transmitted through direct contact with infected animals.
The dust was quite common in the past and a large number of dogs fell victim to it. One of the symptoms of the advanced distemper is an excessive cornification of the nose.
Basically, the dog’s nose becomes hard and dry. In addition, it comes to nasal discharge.
In former times it was assumed that a cool and wet nose was a good sign that the dog had no distemper.

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