The 7 Greatest Dog Myths

Dog myths have been circulating in people’s minds for decades. Some are nothing more than a fairy tale. Others are at least partially true. But in reality many are simply myths about dogs, which represent a bad advice.
That dogs eat grass to vomit is only a typical error. And so you might also ask yourself where they come from and whether there is really something true about them?

Known myths about dogs

Dog owners often get great tips and advice from self-proclaimed dog professionals, many of which are simply wrong and untrue.

Therefore we have summarized and reviewed 7 known dog myths for you. Especially the last point will astonish some dog owners. Let’s get started!

1. dog eats grass to vomit

That dogs vomit when they have eaten too much grass is of course true. But that doesn’t mean that they eat it deliberately to vomit.

How this myth came about cannot be found out. The origin is most likely due to a wrong interpretation by dog owners.
Many owners observe their dogs vomiting after eating grass. They often assumed that dogs eat grass deliberately when they have stomach problems or feel sick.

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