Thanks to healing earth the irritable bowel is under control!

The administration of antibiotics was intended as immediate help for the dog. And although we were not quite happy to expect such a “hammer” from the already weakened dog, it was probably a common form of therapy at that moment, as we could read in other places. But we did not want to rely on antibiotics alone. At the same time we wanted to do something that calms the intestines again and thus provides for more well-being. An acquaintance recommended us to use healing clay and to carry out an intestinal rehabilitation. We did that and are so happy to have tried it. It helped Devil well. And it is always the first measure now, when he grumbles in his stomach or when he shows first signs of diarrhoea.

What is healing clay?

Healing clay is obtained from loess deposits formed during the ice age. It is therefore a purely natural product that is so special due to its mineralogical composition and has a positive influence on the health of humans and animals. Depending on the mining area from which the healing clay originates, the composition of the minerals contained differs a little and also the colour can be different. What they all have in common, however, is that they can be used in many different ways and quickly provide relief.

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