Thanks to healing earth the irritable bowel is under control!

It started sometime last year: Every now and then the dog got diarrhoea for one or two days for no apparent reason or had to spit. Soon there was a certain regularity in these attacks and at some point the intervals became shorter and shorter and the relapses worse. During this time we tried a lot. At first we thought of a gastrointestinal virus, then the veterinarian spoke of a gastritis and finally we changed a lot about food & co and hoped to get to the bottom of the cause and finally be able to help Devil. But finally, only an extensive examination at the veterinarian brought certainty. He saw one of his suspicions confirmed by blood results and further tests: The dog has an irritable bowel syndrome. There are many triggers for it (incompatibilities, stress, and some more). Now the horror had a name and the problem could be tackled – with antibiotics and healing clay.

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