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Teach your puppy to stay alone

Dogs are very sociable animals, who love the company of their pack. But at one time or another, all teachers are led to leave their puppy alone. It is important to teach your dog to be alone very early! Indeed, an adult dog that has never been alone will experience this ordeal with great difficulty and anxiety. Teaching your puppy to be alone is not rocket science, cert article tells you everything on the subject!

When to teach your puppy to be alone?

As a rule, when a puppy arrives in a new family, he has never been alone, since his siblings surrounded him during his first weeks, 24 hours a day. Allow time for your puppy to to accustom oneself to one’s new way of life, new members of one’s family and one’s environment. It is important to bond with your puppy, so that he feels perfectly comfortable and confident, a condition sine qua non for later to leave his dog alone. A master should teach his puppy to stay alone a few days after adoption.

Leave your puppy alone: ​​the first workouts

Thus, after a few days of adaptation, you can gradually begin to practice daily exercises with your puppy. Leave your dog alone must be done in stages! Do not go too fast in the beginning: leave your puppy alone when he has fun with one of his new toys or take care of nibbling a delicious chew bone, and come back to the room after a minute (no more, because the goal is not that you miss him). In this way, your puppy will learn that when you leave, you always come back. He will therefore consider the moments of absence as quite ordinary.

The second step is a bit of exercise: leave the room or apartment and leave your dog alone for a short time, when his attention is not focused on any distraction. After two minutes, return to your puppy, behave normally and playfully, so that he understands that it is quite natural for you to be absent.

If your puppy started crying during your absence, ignore it and shorten the duration of the next exercise. Praise him when he was calm.

Teach your puppy to stay alone: ​​leave the house

After performing the two minutes of absence several times, increase the time of absence to three minutes. It is not advisable to leave your puppy alone while sleeping for this exercise. Do not greet him when you leave, but get out of his field of vision. If you are calm, your dog will have no reason to feel nervous.

Leave the house regularly and in different ways: for example once without jacket or coat; another time, dress warmly before going out … Your young puppy must adapt to all possibilities. If your puppy has been able to stay alone several times without crying, you can gradually increase the duration of your absences. Go to the bakery or to La Poste, but do not increase the length of your outings too quickly and come home without being predictable for your puppy: once after 10 minutes, then 5 minutes, then 15 minutes. minutes. In doing so, your companion will get used to being alone for a few moments as an hour, and he will not be in for a minute of your return.

To teach your puppy to be alone, you have to keep him busy with a puppy toy or a chew bone for example. At this point, it is important to check that your puppy does not cry and does not moan when you are away, placing yourself outside your house or apartment, within a reasonable distance. In no case should you answer him from the outside, it would only amplify his behavior. If your puppy succeeds in the exercise without problems, you can continue to increase the time of absence. However, it is not recommended to leave your puppy alone for more than two hours if he is less than 4 months old.

Leave your dog alone: possible difficulties

If your puppy does not rest easy when you leave the house despite a smooth workout, it can have multiple causes. For example :

  • You increased the absence times too quickly. If this is the case, resume from the beginning and leave your apartment for very short periods of time, until your puppy has confidence again. From this moment, you can leave your dog alone longer.
  • Your relationship with your puppy is not strong enough yet: we advise you to do exercises to get closer to him.
  • Your dog has stayed too long alone: puppies under 4 months of age should never be alone more than 2 hours.
  • If your puppy is frightened during your absence (for example because of a slamming door, a storm or a storm), it will surely pass through some stages of the training so that it regains confidence. Avoid training when the weather is threatening.
  • If your puppy’s position is not clearly defined, and he sees himself as a pack leader, this may be a problem: he will want to follow you wherever you go!
  • To teach your puppy to stay alone, take him out and encourage him to let off steam before your absence.

Remember in: it is by forging that you become a blacksmith! Even if you enjoy spending every minute with your little companion, there will inevitably be situations that will require you to leave it at home, whether it is an outing to the Christmas market or to the cinema. To teach your puppy to be alone, progress slowly with each training and be optimistic! If you are serene, your puppy will be too.

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