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Take the train with your cat

Few cats are happy to leave the environment that is familiar to them. But in case of moving or long trip, your cat will inevitably have to travel! In this case, taking the train with your cat is one of the preferred solutions for teachers who do not have a car. Is it possible ? Of course ! With some tips, traveling with your cat by train, metro, bus or tram will not be any problem.

In train with his cat: the preparation

When it comes to traveling with your cat, the most important thing is safety: for you, your cat and other passengers. In public transport, only cages and transport baskets or cloth transport bags adapted to the type of transport are accepted.

The more your cat is familiar with the transport cage, the more relaxed it will be during the ride. That’s why it’s best to get used to the transport cage in time. Instead of just getting out of the transport cage during unpleasant trips by car or for a visit to the veterinarian, preferably deposit the cage in the living space of your cat several days or weeks before departure. Make the cage attractive to your cat, adding valerian and catmint, it will relax nervous cats and attract their curiosity.

You can also use pheromone sprays like Feliway or Felisept. They imitate the hormones of well-being, those that the cat releases when it touches the surfaces of its territory. Try to incorporate the cage into daily games. Once the fear of this big box with the unpleasant smell is gone, you can try to attract your cat with a toy, a fishing rod or a treat. Would you like to offer a meal to your feline in the transport basket? In this case, it is important, at first, not to close the door so your cat does not feel cramped! He must be able to leave the cage whenever he sees fit. Finally, reward him with a little treat.

The train with her cat: en route

Finally, here we go! Ideally, you have accustomed your cat to his transport cage and you have brought it in without much difficulty. Now you enter the bus or the train and you are probably the only person traveling with a cat. Depending on the duration of the trip, you and your cat are exposed to many smells and noises. It may be very hot or very cold … Your cat has every reason to be nervous! But how do you calm your feline in such a situation?

Be careful, all people do not like cats and some people may be prone to allergic reactions. This is why your cat should stay in his transport cage for the entire journey. Depending on the character of your cat, he may be bored or complain loudly during the trip. Resist the urge to open the door of the transport cage or take your cat on his lap to calm him down. Cats are agile animals and can escape quickly, becoming a danger to passengers. Just stroking your cat through the bars of the cage and calm down in a low voice.

Depending on the duration of the trip, you will surely want to give your cat a drink or a treat. Due to the stress that travels generate, not all cats enjoy drinking during the journey. Despite thirst, many cats refuse to swallow anything. Animals of a confident nature will be able to drink with a syringe without needle, filled with water. Slightly open the zip of the carrying bag and sneak your hand into it. Be careful not to hurt yourself if your cat claws or fels. Once again, in the train with your cat, security is paramount: do not let your cat escape!

Depending on the weather and the time of year, it can be very cold on public transport. A blanket on the transport cage will protect your cat from drafts. However, not all felines like to travel in the dark. Many transport bags, such as the Technicolor for example, have several openings covered with a nylon net that can close and open as needed, and that allow you to always have an eye on your little companion. Very convenient !

After the trip

Finally, you have arrived! After the ride, your cat will probably be a little tired and unstable on its paws. Give him time to rest. Calm your companion and leave the transport cage in the house for a few more days, if possible. Thus, your cat will have the opportunity to return to his cage and have fun, before leaving for a future trip. Taking the train with your cat now has no secrets for you.

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