Signs and symptoms that your dog is in pain

How can I tell if my dog is in pain or sick? A justified question, since a four-legged friend cannot simply talk to us in order to tell us about his suffering. A further problem is that the dog shows rather rarely that something hurts him or only then, if he is already really bad.
And since no dog owner likes to see his four-legged friend suffer, it is generally important to have the animal regularly examined by a veterinarian. But also a watchful eye is important to interpret first signs of pain correctly.

Recognize pain in the dog

Contrary to what was previously assumed, today we know that animals feel pain just as much as humans do. They may even suffer more from it.

But unlike us, dogs and other animals often try to hide their pain. So that your dog does not have to suffer unnecessarily, fast action is therefore required.
For this you must recognize naturally first of all that your quadruped suffers from pain or another illness. We have put together some examples for you, which may indicate pain in the dog.

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