Should I shear my dog in summer or not?

do you remember the time when in summer, from June to mid-August, temperatures were almost constant between 25 and 28 degrees? Those were still nice times. Today the temperature is more like a roller coaster in summer. From 18 up to 40 degrees everything is there and not only we humans suffer from the extreme temperatures and fluctuations – also our fur noses make the weather quite nice. Especially the temperatures of 35 – 40 degrees are anything but normal for us and represent an extreme burden.

There are many tips on how to make summer and heat as pleasant as possible for dogs. We don’t want to go into each and every one of them here, but rather deal with the question that especially owners of longhaired dogs ask themselves in summer: Should I (let) shear my dog or should I rather not? As soon as the temperatures rise, one sees more and more dogs with short hair on the street, where a few days before the fur was still sprouting in its full splendour. The first thought is then often: Super, the poor dog does not have to sweat so much under the many fur. With our Devil we mostly got pitiful looks, because he kept his coat masses and the opinions went mostly in the direction that you could use the clipper to make the heat more pleasant for him. But is that really good when we give our dogs radical short hairstyles?

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