Setting boundaries is not evil!

“That’s so mean! Why can’t your dog do that?” – Have you heard that before? Then you are probably a person who doesn’t let his dog get away with everything. You have decided to set limits for your dog. But not everyone understands that. In the eyes of others it is quickly evil and mean if the dog is not allowed to do something and then you should not be so hard or turn a blind eye. After all, the dog is soooo sweet. But what if the dog is only so dear, just because he gets set limits?

Anyone who has been reading here for some time also knows that we have a not quite simple specimen of a dog. This fact mixed with bad experiences and education mistakes of us provides for the fact that there are small building sites on which we work every now and then. Some are quick to leave the table, others need a lot of patience and perseverance. With all these things we are working on, one thing is important to us: The dog should learn as much as possible about positive experiences. But we also know that we can’t get any further only by patting with our heads. We achieve the best results when we establish firm rules outside of training and enforce them. Then things will go better in all areas.

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