Ride a bike with your dog

What is more enjoyable than a bike ride in the nature on a sunny day? The pleasure is even greater when you share these moments with your dog. But how do you get used to cycling? What should you watch out for before riding your dog for the first time?

How to ride a bike with your dog?

To familiarize your dog with this “unknown object”, do not get on the bike right away. Walk beside your bike during the first exercises with your companion.
Before the first bike ride with your dog, have him first sit down and wait until you order him to walk. Keep your companion on a short leash, the bike positioned between you two.

Some rules to ride a bike with your dog:

  • Be sure to always walk your dog in the opposite direction of the traffic.
  • Never attach the leash to the handlebars when cycling with your dog.
  • When pushing the bike, keep the leash floating. This should never be tense.
  • Change your direction from time to time and change your pace. Let your dog sit down as soon as you stop. If all goes well, go to the next exercise.

Start riding a bike with your dog

You can now sit on your bike and start pedaling slowly. For the first outings, try to find isolated paths and very little frequented. Train your dog to take easy turns and avoid obstacles. It is only once you are sure that your companion obeys perfectly to your orders that you will be able to cycle on a bike path. Gradually increase the pace and duration of the course.

Other tips:

  • Accompanying their bike master is strongly discouraged for young dogs under 12 months, sick dogs and older dogs.
  • Never feed your dog directly before the bike ride.
  • Running next to the bike is very difficult for the dog. Avoid walks in hot and heavy weather.
  • Take regular breaks to allow your dog to recover. Always carry water with you to rehydrate your companion.
  • Avoid traveling long distances on tar: Hard surfaces are hard on your dog’s paws.
  • The exhaust fumes are harmful to your health and that of your pet: avoid walking along roads with heavy traffic and prefer courses in the nature that are much more enjoyable and more secure.

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