Reasons why your dog shows you his belly

Your dog shows belly and you ask yourself the question, what does this behaviour mean? In fact, dogs use their own language, not just barking. If you want to understand your four-legged friend and be able to classify his behavior correctly, it is of absolute advantage to get to know the sign language of the dog.

The dog as such primarily uses non-verbal language. Who knows little about the typical body language and gestures of the dog will often misunderstand his treasure of gold. And that’s sad, because your pet, like you, wants to show his needs and understand them.

The body language

Dogs like to use “Calming Signals” for signalling. The dog uses this type of message to communicate with us humans, but also to reduce stress itself.
It is striking that your big or small friend almost always sends these signals when he is unsure or feels exposed to danger.

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