Let your cat out for the first time

When to let out your cat for the first time?

If the return of the sun gives us desires of escapades in full nature, of big air and long walks, our felines too are sensitive to the call of the beautiful days. You must know that letting your cat out once only has certain consequences: once they have made their first outdoor outing and tasted this joy, cats constantly ask to go out! However, it is not always advisable to let your cat out all day outside.

Some tips before letting out your cat:

  • After the arrival of your new companion in your home, wait at least four weeks before bringing your cat out. This is the time he needs to become familiar with his new environment and establish his territory.
  • If you live along a busy road and your cat is not used to cars, it can end badly. Ask yourself, if the game is really worth it and if you want to take that risk. For letting out his cat is not always very secure.
  • Your cat must also have access to the house via a pet door throughout the day or have a sheltered place to protect against wind, weather, other cats or other threats.
  • Does your cat recognize his name and run when you call him? If this is not the case, try shaking a bag of croquettes: expect to see it reapply within a minute!
  • Make sure your cat is castrated and has a microchip or tattoo to identify him. Thus, you will avoid many bad surprises and will be able to find easily your cat if necessary.
  • Is your cat well protected against diseases and parasites? Which vaccinations are needed? If your cat spends his days outside, rabies, typhus and cat flu are not to be neglected! Ask your vet for advice: he will tell you the best way to protect your companion!
  • Also remember to deworm regularly your cat and protect it against parasites.
  • Collars, on the other hand, are not a good idea for outdoor cats: they cling to bushes or shrubs and can seriously injure your mate.

A first outing for a cat well prepared and organized, it is the insurance for your cat to fully enjoy the joys of the outside, without the risks! After reading these tips, letting your cat out safely no longer has any secrets for you!

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