Is your dog allowed on the sofa or in bed?

Dog on the sofa? That is not appropriate!

Dog on the sofaThere are many reasons for not letting the dog on the sofa or in bed. Personally, nobody convinced me, but I think it’s okay if other people think differently. So many people are simply worried that the dog could mess up the sofa or drool all over the bed. Well, we don’t have a breed that drools excessively now, but there is a blanket on the sofa (it’s still relatively new) and the bed is re-covered at short intervals. So nothing has to suffer particularly from the dog and if he is of the opinion, he must scratch in the bed or on the sofa, there is simply an announcement.

The thoughts are probably quite similar, if it is felt as unhygienic to let the dog on the sofa or into bed. I can also understand that. Dogs run around in the dirt, while peeing something can get stuck in their fur and now and then they carry some parasites around with them. Not everyone wants that in bed – and that is absolutely understandable. But we don’t see it so narrowly, because everything can be cleaned and the dog is brushed regularly and, if there is a reason for it, also worked with the washcloth. If it gets really bad, there’s an underbody wash (mostly only with water) in the bathtub and everything is fine again. Sure, he will always bring some dirt with him – but that hasn’t hurt us the last six years with him.

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