Is your dog allowed on the sofa or in bed?

I remember when our little devil came to us. From the beginning we took him to the sofa and enjoyed cuddling with him there. In the beginning we were reluctant to let the dog go to bed, but that was quickly forgotten and he crawled under our blankets every night. And then an acquaintance came to visit us who was a dog owner herself and was quite horrified. In her opinion, a dog had nothing to look for on the sofa or in bed. That would show the dog that he is equal to us humans and then he dances around on our noses.

There are many educational methods that support this theory of my acquaintances. There are topics like dominance, herd position and similar to find and there are certainly people for whom this is exactly the right education method. But there are also other people to whom we belong, who simply enjoy living so closely together with the dog and grant it privileges such as a sofa and bed. Is that good? I don’t know – but I know that we enjoy it so much and I sleep even worse now if the fur nose doesn’t steal my blanket or spread out.

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