Is dental care for dogs an issue for you?

“Devil’s got a new toothpaste that tastes like liver sausage!” That’s how I told my mother on the phone. “Why does your dog have toothpaste? Do you brush his teeth?” she replied completely surprised. Of course I do – at least I try. Because dental care does not only concern us humans, but also our animals. And when I think of the fact that I would probably have to have our dog remove the tartar sometime under anaesthesia, it makes me completely different. So we prefer to continue with the dental care.

The astonishment of my mother concerning the dental care of the dog did not surprise me further. She never had a dog, so how could she know that you also brush the teeth of his four-legged friends? But not only my mother was amazed at this topic, also many other dog owners looked at me rather disbelieving, if this topic once came up. Apparently it is anything but normal to face the biters with toothbrush and toothpaste.

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