How to play well with your dog?

To do well, it is not enough to play with your dog regularly. To avoid boredom and break the routine, it is essential to vary the games for dogs. Find the right balance when playing with your dog: do not overuse your companion with games that are too intense or too long and avoid boring, repetitive and untimely games.

To play well with your dog, you have to adapt the activities to the abilities and individual needs of your pet. Some will like to look for and bring back a good old wooden stick, others will prefer to chew on a dog chew toy or try to pull a knotted rope from their master’s hand. The most important thing for you is to know how to detect when your dog invites you to play.

How do I know when my dog wants to play?

Who does not know this famous posture of the game: rear end in the air, before the body lowered and the tail wagging? Yet, all dogs do not translate their desire to play this way. Some jump or run around like crazy to get your attention, others bring you their favorite toy and grab it again with their fangs as soon as you try to pick it up, as if to say, “Try, whether you can “.
Your dog may even make a small movement of the paw to invite you to play, or his expression of “dog who wants to play” with his chins rolled back and his mouth slightly open, without showing his teeth .

Playing with your dog: the question of education

When playing the ball with your dog, do not throw it at him. He must preserve his hunting instinct, and what prey would throw himself directly into the mouth of the wolf? To play well with your dog, a master should always throw the ball away from his dog.

Do not hesitate to get closer to your dog to play with him, rolling on the ground for example. This advice is especially valuable if you have a young puppy. He will learn that humans, too, can lie on the ground. Thus, if he is brought to face this situation later, he is not likely to adopt an aggressive behavior.

On the other hand, if your dog starts to be a bit too fussy and want to dominate the game, put an end to it immediately! By playing with your siblings, your puppy has already had to learn the consequences of “nibbling” during the game. Young puppies have not yet learned not to bite but already know that when they bite too hard, the game stop immediately, with their master or with a companion on all fours.

Tips for playing well with your dog

  • Never force your dog to play with you.
  • It is advisable to visit the veterinarian regularly with his sick or elderly dog to detect any pain he may feel, following games too intense.
  • Stop play immediately as soon as your dog is too mischievous.
  • Never let your dog and child play together unattended.
  • Always keep treats on hand, which you use as a reward.

By following these tips, playing well with your dog is not that complicated!

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