How to mow his dog?

Regular brushing of the fur is part of the care that dogs should receive. Depending on the breed, it must be brushed at least once a week, and more often during moulting periods. In the summer, many homeowners wonder if they should cut the fur of their dog. Is the cut beneficial to your four-legged companion? And if so, what should you watch out for?

Dog fur: coat hair and undercoat

In some breeds of dogs, fur is made up of a coat of hair and undercoat. Other breeds, however, like the Maltese and the Yorkshire terrier, have a fur monolayer structure, and therefore no undercoat.

The outer coat protects from external elements such as the sun, rain or dirt, and is longer than the undercoat. The undercoat is shorter, and protects mostly from the cold. During moult in the spring, dogs lose a large part of their undercoat. For the dog’s fur to perform its functions properly, good care is essential.

When should not you mow a dog?

Dogs with undercoats should not be shorn. The cut removes the cover hair, and therefore also its protective function. In addition, it remains only the undercoat, which can cause excessive growth of this layer, and thus felting. In the case of mowing that is not done by a professional, post-cutting alopecia can also occur, ie loss of hair or growth of tufts of cover hair in some places. It is better to use the brush! Intensive brushing of the dog’s fur removes the undercoat, stimulates blood circulation, and ensures that air enters between the two layers of hair.

Which dogs can be shorn?

Dogs with a monolayer coat can always be shorn. Be sure to never completely cut the fur of your pet, because without fur, his skin is not protected from UV rays and parasites. In old or diseased animals, which have problems with moulting, a mowing of the fur may be useful. Before you decide to mow, you should always consider the type of coat and the condition of your four-legged pet. Ask a dog groomer or a veterinarian you trust.

How can I mow my dog?

To make mowing as easy and stress-free as possible for the dog, just follow a few basic rules. Ask an experienced dog owner or grooming salon first to show you how to use the mower. With quiet dogs, however, just follow the instructions and have some understanding of the dog, as well as a lot of patience.

If you want to mow your dog, you should first accustom him to stay still. Teach him to sit quietly on a table or on the floor for a long time – even when his master or mistress approaches with a machine that makes noise. With training, you will create a climate of trust and a good foundation!

Then, it’s about choosing the right comb. It depends on the length of your dog’s hair. The clipping kits often contain several thinning brushes, which you can try and use according to your needs. If in doubt, choose the largest comb – you can always cut it again if it’s not perfect.

It is recommended to brush the matted areas before mowing. Thus, the mower will slip smoothly into the hair.

In order to make the mowing as painless as possible, you must always mow in the right direction. Move the mower carefully and without pressure on your dog’s head towards the back of his body, depending on his needs, either on defined areas or on the whole body.

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