How to find a lost cat Tips, tricks and tips

The loss of her cat can be a terribly distressing experience for her master or mistress. You usually see him coming home for dinner, and overnight no trace of your four-legged companion. The whole thing is not to panic, to take the right measures, and this quickly so that your cat can be found as soon as possible. Here are the best tips to maximize the chances of finding your precious cat.

The first reflexes to have to find his cat

By the time you notice that your cat has not returned for a while and you find it suspicious, the first thing to do is to call him in a strong voice by name, for a good five minutes, as if it was a question of coming to eat; which can motivate him to come back if he just left for a long walk.

If this is not enough to make it reappear, repeat the process every 20 to 30 minutes, every night (do not worry about the neighbors, you can not accuse you of a fuss before 22h).

Why this method? Cats are animals that attach great importance to their habits, and hearing a known voice can help them find their bearings if they are lost. You should know that a cat that gets lost is rarely further than a radius of 300m around your home.

Repeating the process several evenings in a row is easy to justify: the first night you call him, he may be injured, in shock or locked up for example in the garage of a neighbor who will have shut the door without knowing that your cat was in it. For all these reasons, it is better to repeat the process every night. It may be that after two or three nights your cat, even injured, or despite a state of shock, can, based on your voice to identify, come back to your home.

Other methods to find your cat

It may be that calling her cat every night is not enough. Fortunately, there are other methods.


Certainly the most common method that has been proven is to ask posters explaining that you lost your cat: put a photo so that people could cross it to recognize it, and a way to contact you quickly in case where someone finds it by chance, a cell phone number being the best.

You can also if you can and want it, offer a small reward. This can motivate neighborhood kids to search for your lost cat.

Ask shopkeepers in your neighborhood if you can put a poster in their shop: the passage of a large number of customers will increase your chances of reunion.

And finally, of course, ask to put a poster at your vet, many animal owners will see it and will be more careful.

Go around the neighborhood

Feel free to walk around your neighborhood, this will allow you initially take a look around you, you never know, and enjoy also to knock in all your neighbors, especially those with a garage or shed that they could have closed without paying attention, already to warn them that your cat has disappeared and ask them to pay attention in case they see it, but also so that they check that your cat has not not left inadvertently locked up in their garage or shed.

Use internet to find your cat

Fortunately with the internet, we can today contact and warn many people of the loss of his cat. People in these groups or communities are generally caring, and pass on information so that as many people as possible know it.

So you can post your alert on Facebook, on which many pet owners help to find their missing animals. Do not forget to attach a photo, a brief description, as well as to specify the place of disappearance

Beware of scams

Once all these ads posted you will obviously leave your personal details on the internet. Unfortunately, the internet world is sometimes cruel, and some ill-intentioned people will be able to use your distress as a way to defraud you money, asking you for a large sum of agent against the return of your cat for example .

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