How to choose a puppy?

Choosing your puppy: how to do it?

At the sight of a crate full of puppies, no doubt that the hearts of animal lovers beat louder! These puppies are all so small and so touching that if they could, they would bring them all home. In reality, we will have to choose a puppy and only one among those of the litter. Could it be the little black puppy? Rather black and white? Or the one with the funny task on the chest? This is called the embarrassment of choice. So, how to decide? How to choose your puppy? Which criteria to take into account? Your quizfunn magazine helps you make your decision.

Let the puppy choose you!

It is often said that you should choose the puppy you like the most and that caught your attention at first glance. If the dogs are a little older, look more closely at their behavior. Is there a dog approaching you and looking to stay by your side? This behavior is generally good. When a dog shows a certain sympathy for a stranger, he feels attracted to him, sometimes without explanation. This is a promising start for a future fulfilling life.

Study the behavior of puppies

In each litter, we find a daredevil, a little loafer, and some particularly affectionate puppies. Take the time to observe the behavior of siblings in range of the puppy for whom you think you had a crush, before choosing your puppy. The behavior of puppies in play situation gives valuable clues to their character traits. There is no doubt that the character of a dog is also influenced by external factors, such as socialization, education and the environment in which he lives.

Nevertheless, it is undeniable that certain characteristics present from the first weeks remain for life. For example, it is only in very rare cases that fearful puppies become confident and reckless dogs. Brutal and brutal puppies will tend to become dominant dogs.

The ugly Duckling “

In some litters, there is a pup that stands out very clearly from his siblings. While the puppies puzzled towards the unknown visitor, he hides, seems anxious and refuses to leave his hiding place. He ignores his friends who play cheerfully. Even with a treat, it’s still hard to get his attention. Often it is this puppy in particular who touches the future master in the heart. Even though the puppy’s deep and desperate look naturally awakens the protective instinct of man, it is not recommended to choose it. Young dogs hiding and hiding themselves as soon as they see a stranger should be handed over to experienced hands. Anxiety states can quickly become permanent and thus pose serious problems. Bites due to fear, uncleanliness and other behavioral problems are not uncommon in these dogs, if their hesitancy has not been managed in a timely and appropriate manner.

Choose your puppy: consult the opinion of the breeder

A two-hour visit to the farm does not give an idea of ​​the individual behavior of each puppy. For this reason, it is advisable to talk to the breeder for a long time and make a second visit before finally choosing a puppy, who will soon share your daily life.

Follow the advice of experienced breeders with their eyes closed: a good breeder feels if the puppy and the future master are compatible. If he fears that the future master will not be experienced enough to handle a brawling dog, he will instead encourage him to turn to a calmer female.

In fact, there are many things to think about before choosing a puppy. Besides, if you think about it, it’s not worse. Whoever inquires properly upstream and thinks about the living conditions that he will be able to offer his future companion already creates better conditions for a life in harmony.

Choosing your puppy: in case of illness

If after your purchase you find that your puppy is sick, the breeder or seller must take back the puppy, and refund you the full price or offer you another puppy.

In practice, things are different. Most often, buyers are responsible, because by buying a dog from mass breeds, they suffer the sad consequences. Obviously, they can not ensure the health of the dog before purchase. But sometimes, the signs do not deceive and can quickly identify any symptoms. Before choosing a puppy, pay particular attention to the cleanliness of the ears, check that the puppy does not present places without hair, that his eyes are not watery and that his nose does not run. Does the puppy often scratch? Does he shake his head quickly or rub his back? Does he growl or flap his tail down as a sign of anxiety? Preferably, do not turn to these dogs. They suffer from illnesses or have had negative or even traumatic experiences with humans.

Important: your puppy’s papers

If you do not have your dog’s papers, you can not claim any guarantee. Many are the masters who are impressed by the pedigree of dogs, which is easily falsifiable.

Do not get trapped and study the pedigree of your future pup a little closer. This is a good sign if the breeding is part of a canine association. Make sure that’s really the case. A certificate of exclusion of liability is allowed, but a responsible breeder will usually not need it. In cases of fraud, the following clause is inoperative: “the buyer waives his rights in relation to the behavior, vices or diseases.” In the best situations, the seller guarantees the accuracy of the pedigree and the vaccination record, proving the absence of diseases and genetic defects, and assumes his responsibility within a legal framework.

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