How often should you bathe your dog?

The life with dog holds many questions ready, which one does not ask oneself before the acquisition at all really. One of them was the question how often we should bathe our dog. Of course, if the dog is totally dirty after a mud bath or has perfumed himself with horse droppings or something similar, he is not spared the bath. But outside these extreme situations there is uncertainty as to how often the dog should go swimming and whether this is necessary at all. And even if you search the internet for an answer, you are not really smarter afterwards. From weekly to not at all everything is advised.

After we have given a dog with predominantly white fur on legs and belly a home, we came quite fast on the fact that dogs make themselves nevertheless fast times dirty. A little rain is enough and within a few minutes our well-kept Cavalier King Charles Spaniel becomes a dog you would like to send through the car wash. But that’s why we can hardly bathe him in the rain after every walk. That would be a bit exaggerated. Especially as it can’t be healthy for the skin.

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