How often does the dog need something to eat?

Feeding the dog always offers a lot to talk about. About the things that end up in the bowl, up to the frequency with which bowls are filled, there are many different views and therefore also some opinions that can meet. Sometimes conversations about them are extremely interesting and broaden the horizon for everyone. But sometimes they just end up in frustration for all involved, because everybody thinks his opinion is the only one right. We are anything but dogmatic here. Rather, we find it great that there are many ways to arrange the feeding of the dog. And depending on dog and owner different methods can fit.

What do we think about feeding? Actually quite simple: Our little one gets something between his teeth several times a day. In the mornings and evenings there is wet food in the bowl and occasionally treats, chewing sticks or his beloved zwieback. Of course we take care that it doesn’t get too much and that the dog keeps his slim waist. If it fits, you are also welcome to nibble. The main feeding follows at certain times or rituals. If I prepare my breakfast, the dog gets his too – regardless of the time of day. In the evening, however, there is food punctually at 18 o’clock. And Devil insists on his feeding at this time, at least when we are at home. And everything else is flexible.

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