How do I know if my dog is fat?

Overweight and canine obesity are diseases that are on the rise, which is very dangerous because excess weight can act as a trigger for other diseases, such as diabetes or joint problems.

Do you usually spoil your dog with food? If you do this on a regular basis you may have noticed changes in both structure and behaviour, as an overweight or obese dog, far from being tender, is an animal that cannot achieve a full quality of life.

Have you ever wondered, How do I know if my dog is fat? Surely if you have this doubt may be that your dog is not at an ideal weight. In this AnimalExpert article we show you how to find out.

Assessing overweight in dogs

Overweight is the state prior to obesity, therefore, its early detection is essential to prevent obesity and help our dog regain its ideal weight in a simpler way.

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