Help, my dog is afraid of thunderstorms!

The sky is closing, from afar a first thunder can be heard very quietly. Even before we really notice this, our dog Devil walks nervously up and down in the apartment. Then the rain sets in, the rumbling of the thunder comes closer. At this point at the latest Devil disappears under the desk. His panting reveals the stress he is under. And the closer the thunderstorm gets, the louder his whining gets. With the loud crash, which indicates that the thunderstorm is now reaching us correctly, a heap of misery sits in front of us. Devil trembles all over his body, pushes himself firmly against us with his body and wants only one thing: on his arm or lap.

Our dog is afraid of thunderstorms! We have to admit, for a long time we did not know how to behave correctly. Everywhere it hail down tips on us and then there was still the own instinct, which advised usually the exact opposite. On the one hand you want to protect your four-legged friend, show him that nothing can happen to him. On the other hand, you don’t want to pamper him and strengthen his fear. So what is the right way? In our opinion it is somewhere in the middle, as so often.

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