Dogs for seniors: The 10 best dog breeds for old people

Dogs for seniors are good for health and everyone should have the opportunity to share their life with a dog. Even older people! Because your age is not a reason that should stop you from keeping a four-legged friend as a pet and best friend. But not all breeds are suitable for older people and pensioners. Therefore you will find here a summary of the 10 best dog breeds for seniors!

A dog for seniors: What are the advantages?

Owning a pet, especially a dog, can have significant benefits for the mental and physical health of the elderly and seniors.

Animals are like therapists. They are good for the body and soul. Older people often live alone, are lonely and suffer from lack of exercise. A dog gives people a daily task and occupation, it distracts them from their worries and loneliness.

Dogs in particular can have a positive influence on the quality of life, especially of elderly people and seniors. Daily walks or simply playing with the dog in the house is a great activity and occupation.
Thanks to the dog and the walks, seniors move more and more regularly, they meet again and again other people with dogs and can thus make new social contacts.

In short, a dog gives new impulses to life and can also improve the health of older people.

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