Dogs for beginners: The 13 best dog breeds

You are ready to get your first beginner dog and want to know which dogs are suitable for beginners? If you have never owned a four-legged friend as a pet before, you should avoid demanding dog breeds. On this page we present a list of 13 dog breeds for beginners, which are particularly suitable for people without dog experience.
Welcome to the wonderful world of dogs! Isn’t it exciting to become a dog owner for the first time? But let’s face it, you can also be a bit overwhelmed.

There are so many different dog breeds out there and especially for beginners it can be really hard to choose a suitable beginner dog.

As puppies, all dogs are cute, but before you take the next best puppy home with you, especially as a beginner, you should pay attention to a few things first.

Which dog suits me?

Are you an active or rather calm person? You have to be sure that you can offer your new four-legged friend enough movement and exercise.

If you are looking for a lazy lap dog, then energetic dog breeds such as the Australian Shepherd are not the right dogs for you.
Do you also have enough time to raise a puppy? Taking care of a puppy requires a lot of work and patience. Puppies are not house-trained, have to be trained and frequent visits to the vet are unavoidable.

If this sounds like too much work for you, then you should consider giving a new home to an adult dog from the shelter.
In addition, the staff at a good shelter can advise you and help you find the right dog for a beginner.

Think about whether you can look after a four-legged friend who needs a lot of care. All dogs have their basic needs, but some need extra care. We have put together 13 beginner dogs for you to help you make your choice.

The 13 best dogs for beginners

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