Dog training or trick? There are not always differences!

Dog training in a different way

Dog trainingWe had a few very specific rules for our dog in mind. So we quickly realized: We don’t like it when the dog jumps up at everyone. Especially when the person might want to give him something. At home or with us the topic was also quite fast off the table. We did it with a no and turn away and within a few days he did not jump up any more, but sat down and waited. But only because he didn’t do it with us anymore, that didn’t mean for our little devil that you couldn’t try it with others after all. So all the others were jumped at, especially if they had a treat in their hands. Quite often these people involuntarily made a curtsey when the dog jumped right into the hollow of the knee. Strangely enough, people still found that funny and affirmed the dog.

Dog education is simply no longer possible at this point, if you don’t want to make fun of all people. It is almost impossible to arrive against it. And with each success experience, which the dog gets inevitably, one begins again from the beginning. Then something occurred to us, which comes close to the dog education and has for the other humans such a cuteness factor that they find it more madly than jumping: The trick Say thank you! If someone would like to give our dog a treat, we quickly throw Say Thank You in between and our little one lies down in front of the treat donor and waits patiently. Just saying these words makes everyone expect the dog to perform a great trick. And already they wait and see what happens. It saves us a lot of discussions, but gives us the certainty that not even someone is lying on his nose, because the dog jumps around full of joy in everything and everyone.

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