Dog training or trick? There are not always differences!

Dog training is an issue that is anything but simple. Of course we all want our dogs to be well educated and we can go through life together without any problems. We know what is important to us and what we want to give to the dogs or maybe not even get used to. But unfortunately we often do this calculation without our four-legged friends, who have their own idea of good behaviour. And that is not always compatible with ours. Even if we then make compromises, there is still another problem that we have to face. There are people around us who find the bad behaviour quite cute and also praise the dog for it. We all know each other, don’t we?

So how do you as a dog owner manage to reconcile your ideas with your dog’s character head when training dogs? And at the same time to make sure that other people don’t praise the wrong behaviour? Not so easy to find a solution. You can always start all over again with the patience of an angel. You can throw the towel sometime annoyed and accept the things simply so. Or you choose the third way, which we have also gone and which we would like to introduce to you here today!

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