Dog licking paws: 6 reasons for constant paw licking

Your dog licks his paws and you wonder what the reasons and causes could be? Paw licking is basically nothing unusual and to a certain extent normal. But if your four-legged friend constantly licks his paws, then this can also point to serious health problems.

But also behavior problems like boredom and fear of abandonment can be a reason for the excessive licking of the dog’s paw. While it is normal for dogs to lick and care for their paws from time to time, excessive licking often indicates an underlying problem. Especially when it occurs overnight. You will learn more about these and other causes here.

Dog licks paws – meaning and possible causes

Possible causes can be diseases of the paws or claws, allergies and itching, but also behavioural problems such as anxiety, stress and boredom can lead to addictive licking and nibbling.

In dogs with a light coat colour, a dark discolouration can often be seen through the saliva on the coat of the paws. Since a four-legged friend cannot tell us anything about his suffering or his problems, it is important that each dog owner always pays attention to the body language, signals and to the general behavior.

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