Dog does not eat: What can be behind it?

With most dogs you can assume that they like to eat.

However, there can always be times when your dog eats badly or even days when he leaves the food completely.
Basically this behaviour can mean anything or just nothing.

My two dogs also have days when they let their food stand, which they usually eat every day.

I have long since stopped worrying about it, as long as it stays at one day and they let the food taste again at the next round.

But why can it be that our dogs sometimes just don’t eat?

Your dog has spoiled his stomach

Even dogs that are often or almost only kept on a leash always manage to eat something that lies on the ground.

There are also these perfectly drilled dogs, which without exception leave everything lying, but most of us will probably know it rather differently.

Especially public parks are a place where your dog can quickly spoil his stomach.

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