Does my dog love me? These 10 signs will tell you

Does my new dog love me? What a sublime, great feeling: you have finally felt a long-cherished wish: little Ben. He looks cute and can also bark. You find your new dog mega great and love him already now over everything.

At this very moment you would like to lay the whole dog world at his feet and pour over him with all your warmth and human affection. But stop, what does your little four-legged friend do?

He sniffs at you in a friendly way, looks at you in a questioning way and quickly runs over to the sofa under which he finally hides. You are a little surprised and a little disappointed. That’s not how you would have imagined the first meeting. But it’s already normal.

Little Ben has to find his way around your world first, before he doesn’t leave your side anymore. But how will you know if your dog loves you? How does he show his affection? And what kind of warmth is your animal friend capable of donating?

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