Do not forget to take care of your dog’s eyes!

According to the proverb, the eyes are the mirror of the soul – and that is why we should pay particular attention to them. However, this does not mean that you will constantly succumb to the dog’s gaze of your four-legged friend and sink into it. Much more we allude here to the eye care with our pets. This is, as we have noticed, not an issue for many dog owners at all. Only if it comes to unsightly discolorations or illnesses, attention is paid to it. The care is normally completed within 30 seconds and really does not cause any trouble.

Eyes are damn sensitive, we all know that. A small grain of dust can already lead to inflammations and with a little traction many a person has got a conjunctivitis. But it doesn’t always have to be that bad. Even watery eyes are annoying or sticky eyelashes or pennants are unpleasant. That’s why we take care of our eyes – but what about eye care for dogs? Does this also take place on a daily basis? If not, perhaps you should introduce this ritual to avoid problems.

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