Disturbing dog smell? These can be the reasons!

Our dog has many nicknames – one of the most commonly used is Stinker. It is especially popular when it comes into the house after the rain, when a breeze escapes from its buttocks or when it has perfumed itself with the remains of other animals. Sometimes, however, we call it also completely without reason so. Because with Devil we rarely have this dog smell, which can sometimes become quite unpleasant. There he has the problem of the cheese feet, but Devil smells earthy and somehow calming.

However, there are also dogs that show their own smell quite present – to put it nicely. This can quickly become unpleasant for the owner and one does not really feel like sharing the sofa or even the bed with the four-legged friend. But why is it that with some dogs the dog smell is more unpleasant than with others? This question has occupied us and we have started to search for possible causes. As so often, there is of course not only one reason for the unpleasant dog smell, but there can be different factors (also in combination) responsible for it.

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