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Destructive dog: how to correct his behavior?

Shoes, cables, pens and felts, the sofa, carpets, dog cushions and even trash: a destructive dog will stop at nothing! In the space of a few hours, the wildest dogs can put the whole apartment including the furniture upside down. But why are some dogs so destructive? How to make this bad behavior lose to a destructive dog?

“Help, my dog destroys everything in my absence”

When they open the door of their house or their apartment, and fall on a real battlefield, the fear of the masters is great, to say the least. Dogs that destroy everything in the absence of their master manifest real behavioral problems. Once the anger of the masters is appeased, and the apartment half-put in order, all of them ask the following question: my dog destroys everything in my absence, is it a passing crisis? What if it happens again?

One thing is certain, the next time he has to leave his apartment, the master of a destructive dog will not be so serene. If a dog has broken valuables or swallowed an object, this bad behavior must be corrected. So what to face a dog that destroys everything?

Destructive dog: first aid measures

Imagine the following scene: you come home exhausted, having chained appointments all day, open the door and come across a monster bazaar. Toilet paper spilled in every room, the armchair destroyed, and the contents of the trash can spilled on your carpet. For many teachers, it becomes very difficult to keep calm. But know that getting angry does not represent the solution, on the contrary.

Before you put everything back in order, go out for a walk with your dog. This moment outdoors will allow you to relax both. After his crisis, your destructive dog is probably very agitated: it can only do him good!

My dog destroys everything in my absence: secure the apartment

In the days that follow, try to make your apartment safer, in the sense that you hide valuables or spray them with a repellent that stops your destructive dog from chewing on the object. Although these methods can help you, they should only be temporary.

However, do not leave fragile items in their usual place, the next time you have to leave your apartment. Store your shoes in an inaccessible place for your destructive dog. Also try to conceal the electrical cables behind your furniture. In this way, you will limit the damage if your dog should be caught in a sudden destructive urge.

Destructive dog: what causes?

The disadvantage of the first aid measures presented above is that they make it possible to fight against the bad behavior of the dog but they do not make it possible to analyze its causes. If your dog destroys everything while you are away, you must first clarify what the causes are. One thing is certain, no dog destroys for the pleasure of annoying you. Behind this behavior can hide different symptoms, such as separation anxiety, that affect your dog.

First, ask yourself when your dog has this destructive behavior. Does he only present this behavior when you are away? Does it start just after you leave home or apartment or much later? To find out, for example, install a small camera in the room, like the Petcube Play camera, which films your dog in your absence.

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