Can dogs sweat?

In the heat of summer, you’ve probably asked yourself before – can dogs sweat? And when they sweat, how do dogs sweat exactly? In this article we will answer various questions about dogs and sweating, body temperature and a heat stroke. But first back to the first question whether dogs can sweat at all.
A dog’s body temperature is controlled by its brain. If the outside temperature rises or your dog moves a lot, is stressed or for some other reason his body temperature rises, his body receives a signal to reduce body heat. In humans, this usually leads to sweating. Dogs also have some sweat glands, but much less than humans. Dogs’ skin is covered with fur, so the cooling effect of sweating is minimised.

Can dogs sweat?

How exactly do dogs sweat now? Dogs, as well as cats, have different types of sweat glands on their bodies.

Merocrine glands are found mainly on the paws of dogs and are one of the most important ways to cool the body.
These glands are activated when the dog’s body temperature rises or when it is stressed or anxious.

Therefore, wet paws can often be seen or felt in stressed or nervous dogs.
Sweating is a way for our body to regulate its temperature. In humans, the sweat glands are distributed over almost the entire surface of the body.

If our body temperature rises to too high a level, the sweat causes moisture to form on the skin, which then begins to evaporate.
Evaporation cools it down and sweat helps to lower our body temperature by enveloping us in a thin, moist and cool layer.

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