Can dogs see colours?

On the shelves of many specialist shops there are colourful dog toys – but can dogs see colours? Or is the colourful variety of accessories intended for the owner? How do dogs see the world? Is it as colourful as the human being or are dogs colour-blind? A myth is particularly persistent here.

Unlike in the past, when scientists were convinced that dogs only saw black and white, today there are numerous studies that prove the opposite.

Dogs see colours and they do. But not the very broad colour spectrum that humans do. The fairy tale of the black and white dog world still haunts us very often.

Myth: Dogs see only black and white

In the past, science assumed that dogs could only distinguish between different gray levels. According to the findings of that time, the dog world was thus wrapped in a sad black and white.

Already 1983 US-American researchers found out however that the four-legged friends are by no means color-blind.

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