Can dogs laugh?

If the dog ‘laughs’, it is relaxed, wagging its tail friendly. Especially when the dog welcomes people he likes or invites to play, he shows a smile. As Dr. Feddersen-Petersen has found out in her studies of dogs, wolves and other representatives of the dog family, dogs imitate human behaviour – including smiles. Just like humans, they pull the corners of their mouths backwards. Dogs lift the upper lip several times in a row and show incisors and canines. The human ‘haha’ is of course missing.

This observation has now been confirmed. Scientists at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna could prove that dogs can laugh. However: In order for the dog to be able to imitate a human being at all, it must first understand the human being, capture the emotional state of the human being and be able to assign it to his facial expression.

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