Can dogs eat watermelon

Of course, dogs can eat melons. I suspected this for a long time, until a friend told me that her dog suffers from diarrhoea after a few pieces of watermelon.

That’s why I’m asking if our four-legged friends are allowed to eat melons.

Melons are refreshing and have few calories. That’s why we love them as a popular snack, especially in summer.

Melons should be ripe

Melons can become very big and heavy. The exotic fruits can be roughly divided into two varieties:

  • Sugar melon
  • watermelon

Botanically seen melons belong to the pumpkin family. The name “melon” comes from Greek. It means “big apple”. The melon is more closely related to the cucumber than to an apple.

While the watermelon has season in the warm season, sugar and honey melon are also available in the winter with us.

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