Best Top 10 records around the cat

Our little feline companions do not cease to surprise us: some even can boast of records. What did these hairballs do to surprise us once again? You will discover it in this top 10 records around the cat!

1.The biggest cat in the world

While some wildcats are forced to hunt for something to survive day after day, others like Honey do not have this problem. He is so well fed that this big cat is about 19kg. It is not he who holds the world record, since it is held by a certain Himmy, an Australian cat who in 1986 was registered in the Guiness Book of records at 21.3kg at the age of 10 years and 4 months.

Even if these two balls of hair (it is the case to say it!) Appear happy, the obesity is nonetheless a serious health problem, and even if no information is available on this subject, no doubts that these two big cats have experienced serious health problems at one time or another because of their weight. So be careful to feed your cat with reasonable doses to keep it healthy.

2.The largest cat in the world

We will stay here in a record breaking classic with the cat named Mymains Stewart Gilligan, better known as Stewie. This cat of the race Coon, race already known to be very large, was registered in the Guiness Book by its masters in the United States, Robin Hendrickson and Erik Brandsness, with a size of 123cm long, that is 1 meter 23! Stewie unfortunately died in January 2013 after a happy life.

3.The smallest cat in the world

Unlike Stewie and 123cm long, let’s talk about Pixel, a Californian cat of the Munchkin breed. Unlike the Main Coon known for their large size, Munchkins are known to be very short and very small.

In the Guinness Book of Records, Pixel is 12.7cm long and 13cm long at the withers, making Pixel the smallest cat in the world thanks to its mistress, a breeder of this breed by profession.

4.The best feline climber in the world

Cats are very good climbers, thanks to their claws they can plant in all types of surfaces, it is a well known fact. But obviously, some are doing better than others in this area, since a cat whose name is unknown has managed the feat of climbing on the wall of a building, a distance of 21 meters, which makes him the best cat climber in the world.

5.The most hunted cat in the world

Since ancient Egypt, rat cats are used to hunt mice and other pests from granaries. These cat are still used today, and are often more effective than mouse traps. This is the case of Tower, a cat ratier used in a company of deratisation in the 20th century. And the latter has managed the feat of hunting throughout his already surprisingly long life of 24 years (born in 1963, died in 1987) a total of 28,899 mice. Other cats may have done better but only Tower was followed for this record, making it the world’s greatest hunter.

6.The oldest cat in the world

A healthy and sterilized cat lives on average between 14 and 16 years old. Some of them, defy this law of nature and do not hesitate to double this life expectancy. Spike, an old cat who died at the age of 31 (which probably ended his days without finding his body) and Whiskey, a female who died at age 33, could be in the record books. But that is not the case. Jake Perry was the owner in Texas of the two longest living cats in the world, being the master of Allen, a 36-year-old cat who landed the first world record.

And this incredible story does not stop there, since Allen is the grandfather of the current world champion, a cat named Creme Puff, who was born on August 3, 1967 and who died on August 6, 2005, a amazing life span of 38 years and 3 days!

7.The largest number of kittens born

This record must be separated into two categories. First of all, the largest number of kittens born throughout his life. This record goes to Dusty, a Texan cat born in 1935, and born in her lifetime the incredible number of 420 kittens, making her the most prolific cat in the world.

Another type of record in this category. In the United Kingdom, in the Oxfordshire area, a Siamese cat has set the record for the largest number of kittens in a single litter, having given birth to 19 kittens. Unfortunately, four of them were born dead, but that is still a world record.

8.The longest ride of a cat

It’s a story that made a little noise in 2010, so you may have heard about it. An English cat named Skippy decides to explore a little further than usual during his walk. And this is the last time he will see his masters for two and a half years!

After many unsuccessful searches, his retired masters thought he was dead, until we found Skippy asleep in a car, two and a half years later. He was taken to a veterinarian who was able to find his teachers thanks to his electronic chip. The cat was not only safe and sound, but incredibly surprised by his masters when they realized that the cat had recognized them and rubbed them while purring frantically. Fortunately, all is well that ends well, and this has earned in addition to Skippy a world record for the longest escape.

9.The longest distance traveled by a cat

The cat sometimes shows amazing feats to find their master. This is the case of Mimine, a French cat that disappeared the day before the move of his mistress, who thought good say goodbye that day since she moved 800km away, from the Gironde to the Meuse. 13 months later, this lady had an incredible surprise since she found Mimine in front of her door, exhausted but having finally found her beloved mistress.

The record does not belong to Mimine, but to Karim, a cat living in Russia who had the same experience as Mimine, with the difference that his masters moved from Uzbekistan to Russia at a distance of 3200km. They found Karim two years later, which earned him a world record.

10.Franck and Louis

This first place is two cats … in one. In 1999, a breeder from Massachusetts in the United States, a cat who will be named Franckenlouie later born with the Janus syndrome, which means that his face contained two: he had three eyes, two mouths and two noses.

This infirmity very often causing a very young death of the affected animal, his breeder first wanted to euthanize him, but a veterinary nurse caught Franckenlouie under his wing, and this unusual cat was able to live happily despite his disability during 14 years, which is a record largely beaten for a cat with this patient. Congratulations to the passage to his mistress who has taken the trouble to care for this cat, so different it is.

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