best and easy method to training your dog in 2019

How to train your dog and teach him basic instructions?


According to the American Kennel Club, the sine qua non for learning how to “sit” your dog is that he stays standing in front of you. If it does not come to you spontaneously, move closer gently, guide it with the leash to bring it where you want it. Thus, you make your four-legged friend understand that he must obey you, without being too strict with him.

In order to teach your dog the “sitting” order, two methods are available to you. Choose the one that speaks to you the most:

1st method: kneel in front of your dog and prepare a treat in your hand, as a reward. Place the treat right in front of your dog’s truffle and say “sit” at the same time as you gently lift the treat, over his head. From now on, there is a good chance that he will sit looking up as soon as you pronounce the word “sitting”. If he steps back, gently put your hand on his rear end and have him sit down. Reward him consistently with a treat, whether he needed help getting the canine obedience exercise done or not.

2nd method: sit directly in front of your dog, place one hand on his chest and the other immediately behind his hind legs. Say “sit down” and gently squeeze her chest to make her sit down. As soon as he sits, reward him with a treat.

lying down :

You also have two possibilities to teach your dog the “lying down” order. Choose the most consistent for you:

1st method: to train his dog and make him understand that he must lie down on order, kneel on his right and place your left hand on his shoulders. Then place your right hand just behind his front legs. Say “lying down” by gently pressing on his shoulders. Slide his front legs until your dog is lying down. Stroke his back for a few seconds to allow him to relax and encourage him to stay in this position. Praise him and let him enjoy a treat.

Use some kind of keyword that rings the end of the exercise. Let your dog get up, congratulate him and reward him again. Repeat the exercise several times, to bring your dog back to the reclining position. From now on, your dog will take this position as soon as you give him the order.

2nd method: drop your left hand on the shoulders of your dog while you present a treat with your right hand in front of his mouth. Say “lying down” and slowly put the candy on the floor, between its legs. Then slowly pull it forward to make it clear of your dog. As soon as your dog is lying down, let him eat the treat.

Rest :

This order of dog obedience is intended to keep your dog in his position, until you pronounce the key word to end the exercise or you decide to make him take another turn. It is important that the orders you give your dog are well marked by a beginning and an end, both clearly visible to your pet. Do not perform this exercise with food in your hand. This would only encourage your dog to follow you for you to give it to him. Train your dog to succeed in this order by missing you and pronouncing the keyword as soon as you return. If you feel that your dog will give up the position, repeat the “rest” order

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