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Obedience training and test of obedience: what difference?

The biggest difference between these two disciplines is that a dog gets a lot more treats, as part of the training, the training. For example, the goal might be that the dog will perform better than in competition to receive rewards. Train your dog to obedience without systematic reward. At the end of each session of obedience, reward your companion with greed.

The discipline described as dog obedience is characterized by very simple orders such as “seated”, as well as by high level competitions, such as those practiced by the American Kennel Club, the United Kennel Club and the Canadian Kennel Club. In these canine obedience competitions, the difficulty of the orders, the precision of the execution and the general performance are all elements evaluated by the jury.

In order for the dog to be described as “obedient” (as opposed to “educated”), he must effectively respond to all requests from his master. Masters take great pleasure in practicing this discipline alongside their dog, especially if the dog is good at obedience. In the same way, the dogs like to carry out these exercises in the company of their master. If a dog is not very obedient, it can quickly become painful for his master and his entourage. Finally, in society, it is extremely important that a dog obey his master, to avoid a stress situation degenerates for example.

Canine obedience training: how long?

Training your dog through canine obedience exercise can be difficult and difficult. It depends on each dog, the method used and the abilities of the master or trainer. The difficulty level of the training will of course determine its duration. It is said that it is easier to educate some purebred dogs than others. The German Shepherd and the Border Collie are considered to be obedient dogs, which are easy to train. The detail to never forget when you practice dog obedience is regularity! Obedience training can serve as a preparation for other canine education disciplines for your dog. It is essential that the dog and the master have good relations, for a successful training, whatever its type. This link can be reinforced by fun activities practiced together. When the master and his dog form a good team and practice activities together, which both of them like, it improves their complicity! Once again, this is a condition sine qua non for the smooth running of obedience sessions.

Surrounded by an active family, a dog can practice a wide range of activities. It is important that the dog shows his enthusiasm for the practice of the latter.

In general, the dog assimilates the basics of canine obedience six to ten weeks after the start of training. During this period, the teacher learns to communicate with his companion and to teach him the simplest orders. Most types of obedience training consist of learning commands from your dog. Teaching your dog to walk properly on a leash is a first lesson in obedience. Once this education is assimilated, the dog can learn much more.

Canine obedience: suitable for all dogs?

Some dogs show more enthusiasm when their master offers them tracking exercises. This can be manifested by the fact that your dog is looking for treats where he is, in order to reward himself (self-reward system).

The meaning and purpose of dog sports is of course to have a good time with your dog. This is obvious: you both have to have fun! To judge his abilities in terms of dog sport, take a look at the physique of your dog. They say dogs with relatively short legs that they are not made to run next to their master, by bike. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact the breeder or your veterinarian. They will advise you the most appropriate canine sports for the physique of your little companion.

Before the obedience competition

Obedience training may in some cases lead to obedience competitions for dogs and masters wishing to do so. Of course, there is no obligation. You can participate in obedience training just for fun and to teach your dog to be obedient.

If the master and the dog share a great pleasure in practicing this discipline and wish to participate in competitions, the master will have to pass an exam with his dog. This is a mandatory condition to participate.

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