best advice for travel well with your cat by car

Although there are exceptions to the rule, cats do not like to travel by car. Each car trip generates stress for these sensitive animals because unusual noises and odors make even animals of a robust nature nervous. However, some situations require traveling with your cat, such as the annual visit to the veterinarian, a move or long vacation. Your cat does not like car transport? With a little preparation and organization, your cat will have no reason to understand these trips.

Traveling with your cat: essential tips

Almost no cat voluntarily enters a transport cage. In reality, the appearance and smell of the cage makes them think of unpleasant visits to the veterinarian or long car trips. However, cats must be safe when driving. It’s thanks to a rigid plastic carrying cage, a wicker basket or a rigid nylon bag suitable for transport that your cat will be safest. It may be tempting to invest in harnesses and cat leashes, but these accessories do not protect them enough in the event of an accident. In addition, a cat in freedom by car can be at the origin of a fatal accident. He can quickly jump on the headrest, on the lap of his masters or want to hide under the pedals. Privilege cages and transport bags, which are approved and safe.

Prepare the trip with a cat

The first step for a safe journey is to place your cat in a cage or carrying bag. Try to make the cage more attractive to help your cat enter. Instead of using the transport cage only when visiting the vet, you can take it out several days or even weeks earlier, and place it in the cat’s living space. Valerian toys and catnip make the smell of the cage more pleasant and soothe nervous cats. Pheromone sprays like Feliway and Felisept have a similar effect. Use small cat treats and use the cage when playing with your little cat. Thus, he will learn to associate the cage with something positive. Once the phobia of the cage is gone, you can try to attract your cat with a toy, a fishing rod or a treat. What is important is not to close the door and to make sure that your cat does not feel cramped. Your cat must be able to get out of the bag when he wants.

During the drive

Of course, do not train your cat with these exercises on the day of the trip … Before the trip, put your cat in the transport basket and close the door so that he can not escape. For added comfort, you can place a used towel at the bottom of the basket, which will absorb any incidents. Because it’s not only nervous cats who have sudden desires to do their needs! In addition, car trips can often cause nausea to cats. Moreover, the cage or the bag of transport must be attached to the seat, it is only thus that your cat will be safe during braking or accelerations. Thus, you avoid having to hold the transport cage for the duration of the trip!

To make the trip as comfortable as possible for your cat, you can slightly air your car before the trip. During the journey, the windows must be closed if the ambient temperature of the car allows it. Most cats are fragile in the face of drafts … The hearing of our domestic tigers is indeed very sensitive, ideally you have to turn off the radio. In new situations, you are the trusted person of your cat. Talk calmly to your companion, it will allow you to relax both.

Depending on the length of the trip, you may need to feed your cat and give him a drink. So that your cat can not escape, care should be taken not to open the door of the cage at the same time as the car door. If it’s a few minutes or hours, leave your cat in his cage, he will surely feel safer.

After the trip

Finally, it’s over! At the end of the journey, your cat will probably look unstable. This will probably fade after a few minutes, and he will probably want to groom himself calmly. Give your cat the time he needs to feel safe again. Ideally, leave the transport cage for a few more days in the environment and repeat the adaptation process.

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