After the death of the dog: When is the right time for the new dog?

1. take your time for grief

Take enough mourning time first. It is normal to be sad, angry and lonely for a while.

It is also okay to feel sad, especially in cases where your recently deceased dog was suffering from a long or severe illness.

But be sure to avoid closing the gap immediately with a new four-legged friend if you haven’t worked through your feelings about the loss of your last dog.

It is quite possible that you will project negative feelings onto your new dog or have inappropriate expectations.
Instead, wait until you feel a sense of peace about the death of your previous dog.

Yes, maybe you will continue to grieve. Each dog is unique and irreplaceable, but grief should not dominate your life.

2. Think about your goals

Try to get an idea of what your life looks like today without your pet.

Are there any goals or plans that you have postponed due to the care your former dog needed? Maybe now is the time for a long holiday?
Does your house need repairs or renovation?

Perhaps it is a good time to complete previous plans for training, career change or moving now.

It is better to change things in your life or lifestyle now before adding a new dog to your life.
Then, when the time is right, you can find a new animal that is suitable for your new life. A new beginning.

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