After the death of the dog: When is the right time for the new dog?

The death of the beloved dog is heartbreaking and the grief does not pass over night. Many dog owners then struggle with the decision to take on a new dog.
How long should you wait before you get the next dog? Will you ever be willing to share your life with another four-legged friend?

Unfortunately, there is no clear formula to say for sure when it is time to welcome a new dog.

This is a very individual decision. Some people just wait a few days to weeks because they just can’t bear to live long without a pet.
Others need several months or even years before they are ready to bring a new dog into their lives.

Some people even choose never to have dogs again.
Sometimes the gap left by the death of a beloved dog can no longer be closed.

This situation is different for everyone. Below you will find some advice that can help you make the right decision for you.

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