Adopt or buy a dog?

Animal protection dog


  • If a dog is placed, another needy animal can move in, animal shelters and foster homes have only limited space.
  • Regardless of the reason why the dog ended up in an animal shelter, an adoption gives the animal back the right to a happy life.
  • The dogs from the animal protection are usually adult and their characteristics clearly recognizable. Thus one can form an optimally functioning human-dog team.
  • Dogs in animal shelters can be visited several times, even for weeks, and watched on gas rounds. So both get to know each other, surprises are minimized.
  • An adoption ensures that no dilettantish breeders and illegal multipliers are supported.
  • The feeling of having given a needy animal a home is priceless and the joy of being given a designer puppy is much higher and more lasting than that of being given one.
  • Compared to the purchase of a breeding dog, the buyer only has to pay a small nominal fee, usually between 200 and 350 EUR. The nominal fee not only supports the shelter, but also ensures that the adoption is seriously considered.


  • Many animal protection dogs are traumatised or have developed undesirable behaviour due to confinement. Experience and patience are necessary.
  • Also among the animal protection organizations there are black sheep, which would like to generate only money. Caution is required.

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